Assessment: $150 (does not include value)
Appraisal: $500 minimum.
Exact fee for Appraisal will be established
before the work is started and before your check
for $500 is cashed.

Please mail this form along with your check to:

David B. Martucci
240 Calderwood Rd
Washington ME 04574-3440 USA


I would like to have my flag
__ assessed
__ appraised

I understand and accept the terms as explained.

If this is an appraisal, please indicate the type:
This appraisal is for
__ sale or auction
__ tax purposes
__ insurance
__ other:








A. If your flag is a US Flag, please answer the following questions, otherwise go to B:

Number of stars?

How are the stars arranged on the Union?
__ Circle or Oval
__ Concentric
__ Rows
__ Square or Rectangle
__ Star
__ Other -- describe:

Please list the number of stars in each row or orbit or arm of the star.

Do the stars all point in the same direction?

If No, describe.

How are they placed on the Union?
__ Sewn on one side and the back cut away.
__ Sewn one on each side.
__ Printed or painted on.

The stitching on the stars is
__ by hand
__ by machine

How are they stitched on?
__ Running stitch and hemmed
__ Zig-zag stitch and trimmed

__ Around the perimiter only
__ In a pentagon pattern

The Union has how many stripes next to it?

How many stripes below it?

The stitching on the stripes is
__ by hand
__ by machine

There are how many red stripes?
How many white stripes?
How many blue stripes?

The stripes are arranged from top to bottom how? (eg.: R-W-R-W-etc.)

The stripes are arranged
__ horizontally
__ vertically

Please skip to Question D.

B. If your flag is NOT a US Flag, please describe the design, colors and symbols of the flag and what country or entity you think it is.

C. The stitching on the flag is
__ by hand
__ by machine

D. What is the fabric?
__ Wool
__ Silk
__ Cotton
__ Linen
__ Other -- describe.

E. What is it's condition?
__ New
__ Excellent
__ Good
__ Fair
__ Poor

Have there been any repairs or reinforcements set into the flag?

Are any of the colors faded or yellowed?

What is the current size of the flag? ______ (feet/inches) x ______ (feet/inches)

F. How was the flag to be attached to the pole?
__ Header with grommets.
__ With rope.
__ Pole Sleeve
__ To be nailed on
__ Unknown

If grommets, they are
__ steel
__ brass
__ hand-whipped thread
__ other -- describe

Are there any marks stamped into the grommets?

G. Is there any printing or writing anywhere on the flag? Where? What?

H. Do you have any documentation (letters, newspaper articles, photos, etc.) showing or describing the flag at any point in time?
If yes, please attach copy.

I. Describe anything that strikes you as unusual about this flag.

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