Flag Assessment and Appraisal Services

David B. Martucci
240 Calderwood Road
Washington, Maine 04574-3440


I offer professional flag assessment and appraisal services. Please read my Antique US Flag Assessment Guidelines and the short bio about me first. Please read this material over carefully; you may be able to assess your flag yourself.

If you wish a professional written assessment, please print and fill out the PDF questionaire and return it to me along with copies of any documents and photos of your flag. If you cannot access this form, use this one. You may email the photos to me if you wish but be sure to identify them and yourself clearly. There is a $150 fee for this service.

If you wish to have your flag appraised, please also fill out the questionaire and return it to me as above, but I may need to see your flag before I can assess a value. My fee for this service is $500-up depending on the amount of research I have to do. Expenses such as travel or postage are extra.

In addition, you must write to me that you understand my terms and conditions as stated here and that you agree to them. Also please state if your appraisal is for tax, insurance, donation or sale purposes. Send this letter with the questionaire and a check for $500. I will quote you the final price before I cash your check and you may change your mind at this point and receive a full refund.

If you wish to engage my services in assisting you in getting your flag auctioned, please let me know and we can discuss this and negotiate a fair arrangement for all.

Thank you for your interest,


David Martucci

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