Town of Washington, Maine

- Founded in 1797 -

- Incorporated 1811 as PUTNAM -

- Name changed to WASHINGTON in 1823 -

Town of Washington Official Flag

Adopted March 30, 1984

The red panel at the hoist represents the early history of the area. The local aboriginals were known as "The Red Paint People" because of the red ochure they used in their ceremonies, which was once mined on Patrick Mountain.

The dark blue zig-zag represents the rivers and streams that flow through the town and upon which the early inhabitants depended.

The three stars and two bars, all red on white, are taken from the shield of George Washington's Coat of Arms, recalling the town's namesake.

Taken together, the red-white-blue echo the colors found in the Flag of the United States.

The flag has overall proportions of 2:3.

Designed by David Boice Martucci of Washington, Maine, January 27, 1979.

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