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Top of a 19th Century Sailor's Chest

I have studied flags since 1966, when an English Teacher urged me to rescue my failing grade by writing an extra paper for extra credit. While thumbing through an encyclopedia (the F volume, of course) looking for something completely different, I spotted the Flag of Wales and a brief paragraph about its history. Since we were studying the stories of King Arthur in my English Class and the Welsh Flag was supposedly designed by Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, I knew this would make a good topic for my paper.

The Flag of Wales

Well, that was it. I was hooked on flags! I knew why they had once been referred to as "the shorthand of history." It was "in the genes" I guess. My Grandfather, Melvin F. Boice, suggested I contact a friend of his at National Geographic who, in turn, put me in touch with Whitney Smith, the world's foremost Vexillologist, Director of the Flag Research Center and Editor of the Flag Bulletin. I learned most of what I know about vexillology from Whitney, who is a good personal friend and mentor. I am fortunate to not only know him but at various times I have been employed by the FRC.

The Emblem of the FRC

By the way, I have been a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien for many years and have compiled a "Middle Earth Flag Page."

Over the years, I have designed hundreds of flags, not the least of which is my personal flag. Actually, I have had three personal flags, all based on my family's flag.

The Present Personal Flag of David Boice Martucci
Third Variant - January, 1979

Based on the Martucci Family Flag, the colors were modified from the Italian Green-White-Red.

The emblem is the Flaming Star-Sword taken from the constellation Orion. Although Orion is "The Hunter" in Western astronomy, according to the "Elvish Mythology" of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, this constellation is "Menelvagor, the Swordsman of the Skies." I have been impressed with the ideals and morals of Tolkien's "Elves" and strive for similar goals.

The star is a representation of Betelgeuse, the brightest star in the constellation Orion, and is a symbol of the desires and dreams of my heart and mind.

The arrow-head shapes are pointing out from the star, signifying my expanding interests and a thirst for knowledge. Note that the shape at the hoist is "blunted" symbolizing that, as a human, one person cannot encompass everything that is desired.

The color green is indicative of the growing earth; yellow is emblematic of the prosperity I endeavor to maintain in my life; the red is symbolic of the trials and tribulations of life we all must endure.

The flag is swallowtailed with a tongue in shape indicating that I am my parent's third child.

My former Personal Flag, 1976-1979

More information on Vexillography (the design of flags) is available on my Vexillography! page.

Following are links to pages of some of the original flags I have designed over the years. I have selected what I consider my very best in each area.

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In addition, I am the Secretary/Treasurer of the New England Vexillological Association and the Editor of its publication, The New England Journal of Vexillology.

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