Unusual and Rare US Flags

There are many unusual and rare US Flags out there.

These three items were auctioned off in 1999. The flag on the right, which has 35 stars spelling the word "FREE" sold for a very high figure.

This 20 star flag, apparently dating from the Civil War, is very unusual and rare. It has a very high value.

This US Navy Jack from the period 1867-1877 is a highly coveted military item and has a very high value.

Thirty-eight star flags, official from 1877-1890, are more common than some of the others here, but are still highly sought after. It has a moderate to high value.

This very unusual 39 star flag is a part of a cane that pops open for parades. The 39 star flag was never official but many of them were made. See my text. It has a very high value.

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